FAQ & Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are these, paintings for ants?

A: Nah, I was never that into Zoolander. These canvases are 2"x2", which is huge in the ant kingdom! For even smaller art, you should check out Lorraine Loots who is doing incredible things with watercolours.

Q: What kind of paints are these?

A: Right now, I'm primarily using some PRIMAcryl acrylics! They're quite thick and are super bright. I will sometimes mix in the first batch of paints I used, which are a super-thin Americana acrylic. 

Q: Are these sealed in any way?

A: Yes! Currently using Matte varnish to maintain the texture, but I'll be experimenting with glossy soon to see if I like it better. The varnish should help protect it from any odd conditions, however acrylic itself is very stable and isn't prone to heat or fading. I mean obviously if you tried to melt it, you could, but please don't.

Q: Can I order prints if a canvas is sold out?

A: Yes! I can make that happen. Before I send out all orginal canvases, I take high-quality, print-sized images of the paintings on a Fuji XT-1 digital camera. Please email me with your requested size, and I'll see what I can do!

Q: How are the canvases shipped?

A: I am currently shipping via DHL from Germany. I use small gift boxes and sealed bubble packages to individually protect the finished works from damage during shipping.

Q: Can I order the canvases framed from you too?

A: You can for an extra cost, however I highly recommend you receive the work on it's own, and visit your local frame shop instead. They will provide you the best possible option for mounting and displaying the work, and you'll avoid a lot of risk of the frame being damaged during shipping. Not to mention the extra cost of a larger package!

Q: How long do these take?

A: Woof. Usually about two, maybe two and a half episodes of Radiolab? Roughly 3 hours per canvas at least!

Q: How long have you been painting?

A: Not long! I picked up a few miniature canvases at a crummy art store and started painting along with big poppa Bob Ross. My first one was "Cherry Mountain" in March of 2016.

Returns and Services:

I currently reside and work in Germany, which means I'm shipping via DHL. Please allow for 4-5 business days prior to shipping for processing and packing. Shipping times are estimates, and total delivery can take up to 2 weeks.

Should you purchase an original canvas, and you're less than satisfied with the product upon arrival, absolutely get in touch with me at mackie.christian@gmail.com and we'll work together to organize a return and a full refund.