I'm currently open for commission work of mountains that are special to you! Please get in touch with me for any requests via the Contact form, and we'll talk about what you're looking for, as well as discuss pricing and delivery.

While I try to accommodate most requests, I am currently working on paintings in my spare time, and therefore may not be able to take on many works at once. I'll let you know my expected timelines, and hopefully we can work something out!


Q: How much do you charge for a commission?

A: The final price will depend on several factors; time spent, materials used, amount of commissioned works. Generally, I aim to pay myself a minimum of $30/hr, where most paintings can take 3-4hrs to complete. Shipping is not included in that cost.

Q: What commissions are you currently intaking?

A: Right now, I'm just doing mountains and landscapes! I would love if you commissioned me to re-make your favourite Bob Ross painting in miniature.

Q: I'm buying a commissioned work as a gift - can you send it as a surprise to the giftee?

A: Absolutely!! I'm a real human being doing this, so let me know what you need to get done and I'll make it happen. I can do gift boxes, personalized cards, etc, and I'll let you know of any added costs if needed.

Q: Can you also frame the finished painting for me?

A: I highly recommend you get the painting unframed, and bring it to your local framer to work with directly. They will know of the best way to mount and display the artwork in a frame that you love. The frames you can buy at Ikea or other stores are often too shallow to properly display a painting. I have had past clients take this step of getting a piece custom framed, and they are always very happy with the results.

I can put the piece in a good frame and include that in the final cost if you like. I use pre-made frames from my local art supply dealers here in Germany. They're quality frames at a decent price, and come in a variety of colours.